Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brunch & Comfort Food

A little overdue, but we recently had a (much needed) long weekend here in Canada. Work life is quite different from University life. Am I weird to miss going to classes...doing assignments and taking exams? I've always seen myself as booksmart so school has always been within my comfort zone. Things are so much more complicated now that grades are practically nothing! 
But back to work life - now that I have been inducted into the whole "wake-up-at-7am-everyday" adult life, the long weekend meant sleeping in. Waking at 1pm feels sooo good. We spent the weekend catching up on house chores and simply.. taking it slow. Brunch obviously made it straight into that category!
I grew up eating just eggs and rice (nicknamed: eggy rice) as a kid, so it's comfort food for me alright! And just in case, you were thinking those were some odd brain-like items; it's not! It's siu mai, which is essentially a kind of steamed pork dumpings. Gosh, I need more days like these. The weekend cannot come any sooner.


  1. nice post

  2. Aren't long weekends just the best! Yum, the pork dumplings look so delicious xx


  3. MY COMFORT FOOD IS EGGS ON RICE TOO!! It's soooo good I would never turn it down. But I'm Vietnamese so I like my eggs mixed with a bit of fish sauce. Or Sunny-side up eggs with Maggi!!