Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Morning After

J has a huge sweet tooth and has been, for the longest time, dying to try out this small little donuterie tucked away in Chinatown. I’ve always been hesitant to go because it’s in a rather sketchy area… but oh the things I do for my boyfriend. I have to say I was right though! We got hustled by this guy trying to convince us to give him $10 for the $1.25 worth of change he had. Scary! I seem to have this affinity with hobos… I have been intentionally frightened by one, body slamed by another.. and the list goes on. And yet every year I still try to convince J to go out giving goody bags to them with me for Christmas. Ohwell.
Anyways, I’ve never been quite the donut fan (Krispy Kreme is the only exception!) but I have say these are relatively good! A little doughier than Krispy Kreme but nice rich flavours all around. We started with half a dozen the night before and well.. here’s what was left the morning after. We like tasting a bit of everything at one shot ;)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Autumn on a whim;

Vancouver weather is quite unpredictable. But you can pretty much trust for it to rain throughout Autumn/Winter. And that means on most days, you don’t really want to get out of bed because you’re greeted by overcast skies, gloomy, cold, miserable weather. For a short few days, Vancouver decided to treat us with the beauty of autumn on a whim. I don’t know any other city that can be raining non-stop for 4 days and then reappear the next with such warm sunny tones. Conflicted I guess? But these little surprises are soo cherished especially during this time of the year. Everyone gets cheerier whenever we get a break from the rain! Vancouver is such a beautiful city when the sun comes out.

On the outfit I’m wearing: J has put me on a really strict-no-more-shopping ban, so I’ve been forced to try and mix things up, revisiting pieces that I didn’t take as much notice of in the past. Kind of depressing not being able to shop and being deprived of my usual form of instant gratification. On the bright side, I’m kind of proud this entire outfit (minus the shoes+bag) costs less than $100 in total. Pretty good for a pair of shorts, tights, a top, coat and sunglasses right?

And because this is a new blog, I thought it'd be nice to have a face to match it with. Tada - this is what J and I look like. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brunch & Comfort Food

A little overdue, but we recently had a (much needed) long weekend here in Canada. Work life is quite different from University life. Am I weird to miss going to classes...doing assignments and taking exams? I've always seen myself as booksmart so school has always been within my comfort zone. Things are so much more complicated now that grades are practically nothing! 
But back to work life - now that I have been inducted into the whole "wake-up-at-7am-everyday" adult life, the long weekend meant sleeping in. Waking at 1pm feels sooo good. We spent the weekend catching up on house chores and simply.. taking it slow. Brunch obviously made it straight into that category!
I grew up eating just eggs and rice (nicknamed: eggy rice) as a kid, so it's comfort food for me alright! And just in case, you were thinking those were some odd brain-like items; it's not! It's siu mai, which is essentially a kind of steamed pork dumpings. Gosh, I need more days like these. The weekend cannot come any sooner.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Work Life

If I’ve seemed relatively quiet in the last few weeks, it’s because I’ve started working a 5 day/9-5pm schedule. Oh, how much I miss the flexibility I had as a student… There’s no such thing as skipping classes work anymore! 
Work has been quite amazing so far though. I work in such a beautiful part of Vancouver where I have half an ocean view from the office. My area is also filled with quirky stores that I’ve yet to fully explore! There’s this one coffee shop that is so wonderfully rustic and is right down my alley with the earthy/woody ambience. I don’t even drink coffee and yet I head back to this place evert week to get inspired. 
We also get to play with nerf guns at work! Pretty awesome. And on a random note, a seagull decided to visit me at work the other day. It kept inching closer to me as I snapped pictures of it and it was tilting its head as if it was examining me!  J thought it super cute while I almost got a heart attack when it suddenly started peaking at the window! Perks of sitting by the window.

On that note, I'm more determined than ever to start blogging once again. Can't wait to meet new people, make new friends and discover other blogs. Say hello, leave a comment and I'll check out your blog!