I'm Hannah. I grew up in Singapore and Taipei, Taiwan but am currently living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Perhaps a better describe of myself would be "a little bit lost and a mix of the people you already know." I always find it difficult to craft these "about me" pages!
What I do know is that I tend to gravitate towards certain things in life; beauty, shopping (oh glorious clothes) and food. I've been obsessed with the Internet since I was young; I started online journalling in 2003 and even progressed to importing clothes from Taiwan to sell back in Singapore. Hello extra allowance! 
When University came, I took a break from sharing my life online. I couldn't break all contact though. I steadily collated tons and tons of visual inspiration (here and here). But now that I'm finally done with school, what better time than to document my journey of finding "me". And by me, I mean, food, outfits, product reviews and snippets of my life.
On that note, a large part of my life revolves around J, my boyfriend. We live together and have been for over 5 years! Just a heads up, so you know who I'm talking about when I go all love crazy/sappy/mention J ;)

Thanks for visiting, say Hello! I can't wait to get to know all of you!